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Congratulations to Members of the Month Charlie and Tommy

Coaches Comments Charlie is my quiet and strong Crossfit Kid who makes everything look so easy. Tommy is my little spitfire CrossFit Kid who just takes off and goes! He’ll climb right up the rope to the top of the ceiling and just hang out there. They make a great team and it is wonderful to have these brothers in my class. - Coach Beky

How did you start with CrossFit? Tommy- I was looking through the catalog and wanted to try something new. Charlie - I wanted to try something different from basketball and soccer.

What do you like most about it? Charlie - It’s just fun. I like the challenge of it. Tommy - It’s fun to get strong, it’s cool.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Rope climbing! What would you tell a friend who asks about CrossFit?

Charlie - I told my friend workouts are really fun and they teach you as you go. Coach Beky does not rush you. Tommy – I told my friends it is really fun and I highly recommend it. Coach Beky is very nice and teaches you well.

What changes have you seen in yourself from doing CrossFit? Charlie - I am stronger and more confident. Tom - I am definitely stronger and can climb ropes faster.

Is there anything your CrossFit friends may not know about you?

Charlie - I really like science and math. I like to study animals.

Tom - I play the piano.

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