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Getting Started at CrossFit Meriden

Get in your best shape ever! 

Step 1: On Ramp 

  • Start with 6 On Ramp sessions with a certified CrossFit coach for $129. 

  • On Ramp classes are two times per week for three weeks.

  • These one-to-one training sessions build your foundation for functional fitness.

  • Your coach will teach you how to perform all of the CrossFit exercises safely and prepare you for CrossFit group classes. 


Step 2: Sign up for CrossFit Meriden Membership

  • When you complete your On Ramp sessions and sign up for group classes, you will get your first month free. 

  • Monthly fees are drafted out of a bank account or credit card account. Must draft a minimum of one month before cancellation.


What do you get with a CrossFit Meriden Membership?

  • CrossFit group classes include individual coaching by our certified CrossFit coaches. 

  • Instruction on how to do the movements properly and exercise safely. 

  • Regular feedback to help you achieve your best fitness ever. 

  • Programmed CrossFit workouts, scaled for you if necessary. 

  • Warm welcoming community. 

  • When you join CrossFit Meriden after the On Ramp program, you will get CrossFit plus use of the Meriden YMCA fitness facilities including group exercise classes, fitness center, indoor track, indoor pool, outdoor pool at Mountain Mist Outdoor Center and more. 

CrossFit Meriden Membership Rates

CrossFit is for all ages and fitness levels. We have members from age 16 to 72 years old! Call Carrie at 203-440-1925 for details. Some restrictions may apply.

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