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Congratulations to Analis Marin our CrossFit member of the month!

Comments from Coach Beky: I met Analis a few years ago at the Meriden Green. I was doing a CrossFit demo and she joined in and has been with us ever since. I wish more kids had this girl’s determination and grit, they could learn a lot from her. We all could! My favorite thing about Analis besides her always giving me 100% is her smile. It is so infectious. LOVE THIS GIRL!

How did you get started at CrossFit? We were at the Meriden Green and Ms. Beky was there demonstrating with the kids and I just joined in.

What do you like about it? I get to do exercise and stay fit.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? My favorite is the running, the sprints.

What would you say if a friend wanted to try it? I would tell them to join because they can say fit.

From Analis’ family:

What I like about this class for Analis is that as we all know the electronics is taking over. This is a good way to keep her fit. Ms. Beky makes the class enjoyable. Analis has a learning disability and ADD but is not treated any different from the other kids. Analis is starting to spend more time away from her room and trying to do more physical things around the house. I always had to get her to drink water and now she always has a bottle with her and in her room. I thank the Meriden YMCA and Ms. Beky for working with her.

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